Job Placement At The Omega School
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Job Placement Assistance
Omega offers successful graduates job placement assistance

The goal of the Job Placement Assistance Office is to serve the alumni of Omega Studiosí School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences by preparing them for potential employment opportunities. The Placement office serves as a bridge between students and prospective employers. An essential part of our mission is to build strong relationships with prospective employers and fulfill the employment needs of audio-related businesses. The Placement Office enlightens students and graduates of available resources, necessary job search skills and techniques, along with offering direct assistance in successfully securing employment.

Job Placement InterviewJob placement assistance begins with 36 hours of the Personal & Career Skills classes that start the first week of each studentís academic coursework. A large majority of our students initially choose to attend Omega as a way to improve their record making skills, without any serious regard to preparing a career path that will offer steady employment while they pursue their dreams as an artist or record producer. As a result of this thinking, we offer several career development classes and networking exercises that focus on exploring the wide variety of career paths available in this industry.

Personal & Career Skills classes address career options, cover letters, resumes, job interviews, and beginning careers in the audio/music industry. By the time a student has completed career development classes, they will have prepared a cover letter, several iterations of their resume, and answered dozens of mock interview questions.Hands On Experience at the Omega School's Audio Learning Facilities

Our job placement services are available by phone, email, and in person (by appointment) to all graduates to review resumes, career plans and other job search related-issues.

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