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The Master Recording Engineer Series of Programs
12 Courses, 878 Hours

Orchestra Session in Omega's Studio AEach of the programs at The Omega Studios’ School has been carefully crafted to provide a clearly defined vocational objective. However, a highly motivated student desiring the strongest educational foundation for a career—and the greatest possible choice of jobs in audio recording and production—should seriously consider enrolling in all the programs offered by The Omega Studios’ School. We refer to this combination as The Master Recording Engineer Series of Programs.

The Master Series combines the curricula of the Comprehensive Recording Industry Program and the Audio Engineering for Film and Television Program. It prepares students for careers as audio engineers in virtually any position in the music, motion picture or television industries. In the same way that elective courses contribute to a student’s major educational focus, the intensive and multi-faceted education resulting from The Master Series will provide the student with a diverse range of skills and an even greater potential for successful employment. Omega’s Master Recording Engineers are the most highly qualified candidates available, with skills and training to handle any audio engineering job or task, anywhere.

Jobs in audio engineering are changing fast, spurred by the rapid development of audio and computer technology. Variety, flexibility and the ability to combine skills is the name of the game in achieving success, as the many different disciplines in audio for the music and motion picture industries increasingly overlap. Omega’s Master Recording Engineers are prepared to handle all of these requirements. They are especially successful in finding employment, thanks to the thoroughness of the training they receive in the Master Recording Engineer Series of Programs.

Omega's Studio A, featured on the cover of Mix Magazine, August 1986

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