Studio Software

Omega Studios is on the leading edge when it comes to professional studio recording software. With a robust offering, the software in our studios has the capability to edit and enhance music tracks, providing the professional set up needed to produce the highest quality sound possible. 

Software in our studios:

  • ProTools (Avid)
  • Logic (Apple)
  • Reason (Propellerhead)
  • Abelton Live (Abelton)
  • Serato Scratch Live (Rane/Serato)
  • PreSonus Universal Control (PreSonus)
  • PreSonus Capture (PreSonus)
  • L.C. Edit (LanBox)
  • BFD (FXpansion)
  • Avid Plug Ins (Various)
  • MCDSP Plug Ins (Various)
  • Waves Plug Ins (Various)
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