Studio A

Neve VR-60 60x48 with Flying Faders Automation and Total Recall  

Recording Studio AStudio A is an outstanding  recording facility for the serious musician, producer, or audio/video professional. Designed primarily for live instrumental and vocal production, the studio is 50' x 40' with 20' ceilings and handles ensembles of all sizes and styles—jazz trios, 65-piece orchestras, heavy metal bands—all with acoustic excellence. Whether you are using our Studer 24 track 2” tape machine or 56 inputs and 56 outputs of Pro Tools HD 3, Studio A is equipped with a 60 input Neve VR Console custom built with 4 stereo mix busses, enabling mixes in all of the stereo and surround formats. It also features a Steinway model B grand piano, as well as 10' x 16' and 10' x 8' isolation rooms and a very large and comfortable control room.