Recording Studios

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206 Hours: 8.5 months (daytime) / 10 months (evening)

The Sound Reinforcement for Live Performance Program consists of three technical courses, plus the Career Development course, for a total of 52 meetings, including separately scheduled labs and individual studio instruction. This program is approved for Veterans’ Benefits by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

Vocational Objective
The objective of the Sound Reinforcement for Live Performance Program is to train the student for entry-level employment as a live sound engineer/front-of-house or monitor engineer for live concerts and performances, theater, public address for speeches and vocal presentations, conventions, educational, industrial, TV productions and any other situation where it is necessary to provide PA coverage over a large group or audience. Typical entry-level duties include, but are not limited to, stage setup/interconnection, operation of stage monitor systems, and the wiring/setup/packing and transport of portable systems.

The student will be grounded in basic theories of the latest audio technology, receive intensive in-studio hands-on training, then will proceed into the theories of system design, assembly and operation. As a part of the program, the student will set up and operate sound for an actual live concert.

Course #1: Basic Practical Recording Engineering
Course #1 offers 58 hours of instruction consisting of 27 hours of classroom instruction, 24 hours of small-group studio instruction, 6 hours of lab activities and 1 hour of individual studio instruction. Classes are taught one evening per week for 14.5 weeks or two days per week for 7.25 weeks. Lab sections are held outside of class times.

Course #1 includes the following topics and activities: