Digital and Analog

In the audio engineering industry, ProTools is internationally known and respected for being state of the art in digital recording, editing and mixing. Professional engineers choose Pro Tools for musical recording, audio for film and television, and sound design for the game industry. 

As an Omega Studios’ School attendee, you'll get the full benefits of our state of the art ProTools integration. 

  • Hands on Pro Tools tips and instruction as part of the Audio Engineering for the Music Industry Program and the Audio Production Techniques Program
  • The Omega Studios’ School is an AVID Authorized Training Facility. Students who complete the above programs can receive Pro Tools Operator certification.
  • Our staff includes instructors who are AVID certified experts in both music and film production.
  • Learn in an interactive live classroom environment. Ask questions and get answers.
  • Omega’s Pro Tools/MIDI lab features an independent workstation for each student in the class, optimizing individual hands on training.
  • Each program concludes with a student project in which students employ the skills taught in the class in an actual recording production.
  • Omega’s programs go far beyond simply operating the hardware and software, they provide a solid foundation in the fundamental aspects of recording engineering. Get a complete rundown of all the programs here.


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