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88 Hours: 3.5 months (evening only)

The Essentials of Music Business & Artist Management Program consists of three courses for a total of 19 meetings; one evening per week for 14 weeks, including concurrent classes in the Career Development course. The program is presently offered during the evening schedule only. This program is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission for Veterans' Educational Benefits.

Vocational Objective: The objective of the Essentials of Music Business & Artist Management program is to provide essential and detailed information regarding standard business practices used by artist managers when working with, or as, personal managers, business managers, concert promoters, A&R directors and other similar professions in the promotion, booking and recording of performers, songwriters, actors, etc. The student will be taught business techniques and legal concepts employed when working with (or as) agents, managers, publicists, broadcasters, copyrights, record companies, distributors, licensing organizations, publishers, concert promoters, songwriters and recording studios. Though this is obviously not a law or accounting curriculum, the student will be taught to recognize situations requiring the services of an entertainment attorney, and will be familiarized with procedures for the efficient operation of a business.

This program will effectively prepare the vocationally-oriented student for an entry-level position in artist management and talent/venue booking. A wide range of employment opportunities are available to the successful student, from self-employment promoting a personal musical career to positions at organizations such as The William Morris Agency, Chesapeake Concerts, and other companies providing artist management and/or talent and venue booking services.

Course #1: Introduction to Music Business

Course #1 provides 24 hours of classroom instruction in the techniques and legal aspects of doing business in the music field. The student will be introduced to the basic concepts of artist management when conducting business with (or as) a personal manager, agent, promoter, record company, distributor, retailer and other entity operating in the music field. Aside from the obvious benefits of self-promotion, the graduate has the potential to profitably represent others as an artist manager: representing artists for the purpose of securing publishing, production and/or management arrangements, and working with an agent or a licensing entity. Classes are taught one evening per week for 6 weeks

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Course #2: Practical Strategies in Music Business

In Course #2, the more esoteric and specialized facets of music business (and business in general) will be emphasized. In this 28 hour course, Students will be thoroughly acquainted with specific concepts of artist management, including contract law as applied to music business, appropriate accounting practices, practical music theory, and in-depth analyses of the various philosophies of management, concert promotion and publishing. Classes are taught one evening per week for 8 weeks.

Course Content:

The Essentials of Music Business & Artist Management program is an efficient vehicle for introducing the student to a career as an artist manager. Procedures involved in managing bands & performers, working with record & production companies and handling the legalities of copyright, etc. are covered in sufficient detail that the student can easily gain an entry-level position as an artist manager, or work independently representing artists in today's growing music business industry.

Course #3: Personal and Career Skills

Course #3 offers 36 hours of instruction consisting of training, discussions and class exercises. Classes are taught once per week for both day and evening sessions for 5 weeks.

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