Recording Studios

State of the art studios with industry leading engineers to create the perfect recording for your engineering project. 

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The Omega Studios' School is dedicated to guiding you towards the fulfillment of your goals in the recording industry.

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The Omega Advantage

The Omega Studio Advantage

Omega Recording Studios exists to serve the music industry and top professional musicians. It has long been regarded by major artists as the place to record while in the Washington DC area.
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The School Advantage

There can be no better place to learn audio engineering than in an audio engineering school that uses a working professional studio for its classroom.
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Royer Labs "Ribbons-101" Event May 20th

Royer-Labs-Ribbons-101-Flyer_SM-1We’ve used the term “Hears Like Your Ears” since Royer opened in 1998 to express how natural-sounding ribbon microphones are on virtually all sound sources. John Jennings, one of the founders and owners of Royer Labs, explains how and why ribbons sound so natural, utilizing illustrations, sound samples, photographs, videos and plenty of music to illustrate all points made throughout the presentation.  

For anyone interested in the art of recording music, Ribbons-101 is an eye-opening look at the exceptional recording tool that is the ribbon microphone.